We offer live streaming of many events, some with Q&A taken from the Internet in real time. See the event pages for details. This page lists recordings of prior events.

Labor in the Global Platform Economy
From voice assistants that replicate how care and service professions manage their own emotions to surveillance technologies powered by outsourced, contracted coding work, emotional, gendered, and racialized labor are the sources of “smart” technologies writ large…

Tarleton Gillespie:
Custodians of the Internet
Content moderation can serve as a prism for examining what platforms are, and how they subtly torque public life. Our understanding of platforms too blithely accepted the terms in which they were sold and celebrated – open, impartial, connective, progressive…

Algorithms, Scale, Speed, and the Labor of Logistics
Digital labor regimes have infiltrated various processes from global logistics and supply chains to mass production and mechanic work. Scale, speed, and acceleration are key to these processes of increasing algorithmic control (simultaneously critiqued and celebrated). What are the cracks, frictions, and gaps…

Megan Finn:
Info Infrastructures After Disasters
When an earthquake happens in California today, residents may look to the United States Geological Survey (USGS) for online maps that show the quake’s epicenter, turn to Twitter for government bulletins and the latest news, check Facebook for updates from friends and family…

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