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Emergency ESC

Emergency ESC, launched in June 2020, is our initiative responding to the pressing events of this current moment. It includes organizing and promoting these efforts:

ESC Best Practices for Pandemic Apps

A 15-point statement about best practices for pandemic apps at US universities. Read the best practices.

ESC Diaries

Short, informal, recent writing from the ESC community. Read the ESC Diaries.

Race, Policing, and Project Green Light
(Online Lesson and Case Study)

An online lesson and case study of a surveillance system that includes automated facial recognition. This lesson can be inserted into a college or high school course and includes videos, readings, activities, and discussion prompts. See the online lesson.

Anti-Racist, Anti-Sexist K-12 Computing Activities

Culturally Situated Design Tools (CSDTs) improve education, justice and equality through interactive online activities about computing, math, and related topics that are useful for parents and educators of K-12 students. The CSDT website helps kids design cool art patterns, learn how to code, and discover different cultures around the world. There are even physical making activities you can do from home, turning your virtual designs into real-world art. Try out the tools.

ESC Routes

Online conversations in a variety of formats, with specific events focusing on current issues. (Coming soon.) Learn more about ESC Routes.

#BLM Protest, June 2020, Photo by Anthony Quintano; CC BY 2.0
COVID-19 Testing in April 2020; PHOTO CREDIT: David H. Lipp; Public Domain

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