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ESC Diaries

ESC Diaries are short, recent, informal pieces of writing from the ESC community that respond to the current moment. They are an archive of how members of the ESC community think about and experience their lives.

We invite personal reflections, research-related thoughts, activist tactics, stories, poems, quotes, short essays, images, drawings, reflections, and/or brief commentary. Community members may also respond to these diaries with their own entries. We hope to create a space for reflection and solidarity.

ESC Diaries are part of our Emergency ESC initiative.



To propose a diary e-mail [email protected]. Please state if you are comfortable sharing your name or if you prefer to be anonymized. Diaries may be reposts of work appearing elsewhere. This is a personal writing exercise: each diary is the opinion of its author(s).

ESC Diaries are part of our Emergency ESC initiative.

Student in cap and gown watching teleconference on laptop.

Photo by Mohammad Shahhosseini on Unsplash

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